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Dubļusargu komplekts Polisport G-Mud Gravel

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Tool-Free Mounting System with Velcro and Nylon Straps:Easy installation with the tool-free mounting system using mushroom-shaped Velcro, ensuring greater compatibility with the bicycle. This type of Velcro is extremely strong, providing stability even on roads with more abrasive surfaces ? a common situation in gravel riding. The Velcro has a large contact area between the strut and the fender, reinforcing stability and compatibility according to the bicycle’s design. Its versatility allows for a perfect adjustment to the angle of the strut or fork, ensuring a perfect fit. When the fenders are not in use, it’s possible to leave the Velcro on the bicycle, making them almost imperceptible. If you need to completely remove the Velcro, the small traces of glue used in the application of Velcro will easily come off with a solution of isopropyl alcohol. Nylon straps are also included for athletes who prefer this option, providing greater versatility and compatibility in fender application.

Enveloping Design for Maximum Wheel Coverage:Protect your bicycle with the enveloping and robust design of the G-Mud, offering extensive coverage and consequent protection against mud splashes. The G-Mud also incorporates pre-defined cutting zones so that you can easily adapt it to your bicycle’s design.

Removable Spoiler with Clip System and 50mm Section:With a 50mm section, you can further customize the wheel coverage amplitude with a spoiler. The spoiler is optional and does not require any additional tools. It has a clip system that allows you to apply or remove it according to the level of protection you need.

Registered Design, Matte and Gloss Finish:The G-Mud has been meticulously developed with a minimalist yet robust design, seamlessly integrating with your gravel bike. Additionally, it features a matte and glossy finish, creating a perfect match with the majority of gravel bikes.

Minimum Wheel Distance for Maximum Protection:Designed with a minimum distance to the wheel, 3mm.

Front Fender: 220gRear Fender: 275gWheels: 28″ / 700cc

Reusable Straps, 2 Sets of Velcro, and 2 Protective Films for the strut and fork included.

G-Mud ? the ideal fit, stylish protection for your gravel adventures.
650 mm + 720 mm garums, 50 mm platums, melns

Uzdod jautājumu

Uzdod jautājumu

    Aptuvenais piegādes laiks:
    17 June - 20 June

    650 mm + 720 mm garums, 50 mm platums, melns
    Preces nr.: 3675
    Modelis: G-Mud Gravel
    Zīmols: Polisport

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    Dubļusargu komplekts Polisport G-Mud Gravel
    Dubļusargu komplekts Polisport G-Mud Gravel
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