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Explore Jurmala on two wheels with our convenient bike rental service. Discover the beauty of this coastal gem at your own pace. Quality bikes and flexible rental options await you.

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Drive safely

Some useful tips and rules

Protect yourself

– According to the rules of the road, children under 12 must wear a helmet when cycling.
– Helmets of the right size and correctly fitted protect against serious injuries.

Put on the helmet according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Keep control

Keep control of your bike, even in emergencies.

– Getting the right size and fit for you is not only for your comfort, but also for your safety
– A properly adjusted bike is more comfortable and easier to ride
– A bike shop or bike repair shop can help you choose the right size bike
– Regular bike maintenance and cleaning extends the life of your bike
– A well maintained bike is a safe way to ride

Drive in a safe lane

Use cycle lanes. It’s safe and allows you to enjoy your surroundings more. Drive in the direction of traffic to make yourself more visible to drivers who are following or changing lanes in such cases:

– Passing vehicle or other bicycle
– Preparing to make a left turn at an intersection
– Approaching the right turn
– If the road is one-way with two or more lanes

Be visible

There is always a risk, even if you follow all the traffic rules.

– Be prepared for vehicles parked at stop signs, in driveways or in parking lots.
– Drive carefully around vehicles when passing or turning right
– Use hand signals to warn oncoming traffic before turning or changing lanes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For bicycle delivery to a convenient location in Jurmala, please:
– make a reservation on our website or by phone +37128813335 by 19:00 the day before
– let us know the address where you would like to collect the bike (we will contact you to clarify)

Please also note that:
– delivery is only possible by booking a bike for the whole day
– the delivery and collection point must be the same

We look forward to your understanding and will try to make your entertainment as comfortable as possible!

On-site rental and payment:
1. Choose a bike or accessory on the spot
2. Sign the Rental Agreement and Rental Terms
3. Pay in cash or by bank card on the spot

– Before receiving the equipment, you must sign the Sports Equipment Contract and the Rental Terms and Conditions Appendix, which describes the terms of the rental. You can find the contract and rental terms here:
– Online bookings can be cancelled 24 hours before the start time by calling +37128813335 or emailing us at info@old.velopark.lv If the booking is not cancelled within 24 hours before the start time, no refund will be given. This also means that if an online booking is made within 24 hours before the start of the reservation, the customer is deemed to have secured the reservation and no refund will be given if the customer fails to turn up or if the number of rental units is changed.
– If the rental time exceeds 15 minutes, for rentals of 1 hour or more, the rental fee for the next full hour will be charged according to the current price list. If the rental time exceeds 15 minutes, if rented by the day (from 10.00 to 19.00), if the bicycle is returned after 19.00, the next full day’s rental will be charged according to the current price list.

For more information about booking a bike, please call +37128813335

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