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Catlike Helm Kilauea

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Catlike Helmet Kilauea Size: L white

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The Kilauea is the top of the range semi-aero road helmet. This model is the best compromise between aerodynamics and ventilation performance
– perfect to be safe and fresh on the road! – Helmet vents: 24 – Weight: 270 g Semi-Aero-Design Due to the new and more aerodynamic design the helmet offers less attack surface for the wind. Graphene Graphene nanofibers have been included into the shell of the helmet to improve the helmet’s stability and durability for maximum protection. Aramid-Roll-Cage-System Resistant and robust fiber increases protection and improves energy absorption in the event of an impact. Hexagon-Design The unique design of the helmet has not only aesthetic reasons. The honeycomb-type structure improves protection by spreading the energy in the event of an impact. This significantly increase the head protection. InMold-Technology Advanced production technology to develop ultra-lightweight helmets with a high level of firmness and maximum protection. DualFlow-System The DualFlow system creates maximum ventilation. The internal channels provide a constant air flow and prevent the wearer from overheating. MPS-Technology (Multi-Position-System) The four different points for individual adjustment of the helmet allow best possible fit, increases protection and improves comfort by avoiding pressure points. VDivisor The adapted shape of the straps provides an improved fit around the ears and neck. EPS-Liner The lightweight and protective EPS lining provide high comfort.

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Catlike Helm Kilauea
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